Multicultural host Renata, moved to Ottawa in 1957 from Naples, Italy. A few years later in 1968, her husband and her father founded the Italian Community Newspaper L’Ora di Ottawa, which Renata helped get up and running before embarking on a career of her own. After a ten-year stint working in the House of Commons, Renata decided to return to her newspaper roots and began working full time for L’Ora di Ottawa, conducting interviews and writing news articles.

Within eight years Renata, along with her husband, became editor of the paper. Aside from her editorial duties she also wore other hats, which included duties involving advertising, accounting interviewing, and writing. Newspaper wasn’t her only passion though; an Italian community TV program called Tele-30 also garnered her attention. It was through this program that Renata got her feet wet in television and provided her with a whole new media challenge that she exceled at.

Over the course of the last twenty-five years Renata has volunteered her time to this wonderful program.  While her primary duties for the show include studio interviews, intros and extros, she has recently begun working on an Italian community program called “Chi siamo”, which highlights the stories of Italian immigrants who have come to this country. A long-standing volunteer and a true gen of our program we salute Renata on all of her successes and look forward to her future contributions to Tele-30.

 -Trudi Klassen



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